Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A pretty lemonade signature drink

One of my favorite cookbook authors, actually my very favorite, just posted this drink on her blog.. Ina Garten manages to combine sophisticated, simple and amazing recipes. This one caught my eye as we have been having lots of lemonade based signature drinks this summer at the Barn at the Dana-Powers House. I love this one. Drinks are always best when made with fresh juice but  I think it might be adaptable to a large crowd drink by using pre made sparkling lemonade or frozen lemonade mixed with sparkling water if you are not up to squeezing lemons and making simple syrup. Which by the way, is easy peasy. (2 to 1 sugar to water and dissolve according to Josh Christensen at Sidecar in SLO)   In any event I am sure you will want to do several batches to test yourselves. Just do not forget the limoncello! Let me know the results. 

Limoncello Tom Collins (Makes 4 to 6 drinks)

Copyright 2014, Ina Garten, All Rights Reserved

1½ cups good vodka, such as Grey Goose
1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (6 lemons)
6 tablespoons sugar syrup (see note)
¼ cup Italian Limoncello liqueur
1½ cups cold club soda, such as Pelligrino
Ice cubes
Sliced lemon, for serving

Combine the vodka, lemon juice, sugar syrup, and Limoncello in a large pitcher. Just before serving, pour in the club soda and stir. Fill highball glasses with ice and pour the mixture over the ice. Garnish each drink with a slice of lemon and serve cold.