Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh, I see it has been 6 months since I posted anything. What can I say. It was a busy wedding season!
We are busy as little bees here in Nipomo. Cleaning, painting, fixing, making pretty for our adorable couples for this next season.
I wanted to share one project in particular since they always elicit comments when people walk in. Yes, that would be our wagon wheel chandeliers. I have wanted to redo them for the longest time but I was not sure of which direction to go. In the end we went for simple and clean.There are now 32 jars on each one and the are permanently wired and have dimmers. I hope everyone likes them.

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  1. Hi! I absolutely LOVE this chandelier and was wondering did you guys make them yourself or purchase them from somewhere? I live in Louisiana and this rustic chandelier would be perfect for my newly built pergola :) I have the pottery barn mason jar chandelier over my dining room table but it is not quite as rustic looking as this one. Any help that could be provided would be absolutely amaazing. my email is deirdrecamille@yahoo.com
    Thanks so much !