Monday, March 7, 2011

Adding a personal touch of color

I can always tell when wedding season is about to commence. My brides start popping by to check out the venue again and firm up plans for decorations.
I want to share a very quick, simple idea for bringing the color scheme to the outdoor areas .
We have 4 benches that I always have pillows on. I have purposely kept them neutral and natural in green and brown.

Here is a simple treatment to jazz them up
Purchase 45 inch squares of fabric in your color scheme. (softer fabric is easier to do than stiff)
Place (mine or yours) cushion (20 inch square) on the diagonal. (we have 8 for the benches)

place cushion on wrong side of fabric. Points of pillows should not line up with points of fabric. Fold over cushion tucking raw edge under

Then bring the other two corners together and tie those.

Simply flip the cushion over and you have a custom covered cushion.

OR.... if you bring me your fabric. I will be happy to do it for you.
Happy wedding decorating!

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