Monday, October 18, 2010

We are a preferred vendor!

I am always interested in what going on out there in wedding world and since I rarely get away from the farm, I have found that perusing the wedding blogs is a great way to stay in touch with current trends. Style me pretty, and greenweddingshoes are a couple of my favorites. I love the fact that they have diy sections which is such a strong trend these days. I have been a diy girl forever. There is so much joy to be found in creating. It does not have to be perfect and the fact that you learn how on your own is immensely satisfying. I have taught myself how to sew (my mother refused to sew for me after I left home so I had no choice but to learn) on my grandmothers old treadle sewing machine. Then I took up cooking after my cousins husband made fun of something I had made. (I was 18). I have to say that after lots of trial and error, I can turn out a fairly respectable meal.
I have been decorating since I was about 10. Not a lot for a girl to do on the farm by herself ,so I decorated every nook and cranny I could get my hands on (boys call them forts). It has been a life long love of mine. I paint, garden and flower arrange so when I have a bride who loves to create her own wedding, I know that it will be unique if nothing else. They usually go all out with the cutest ideas, some of which I see the seed of an idea on the blogs.
So take a look. Type in your favorite color schemes, your favorite style. You will be amazed at what is out there and so adaptable to a fun dinner party or an evening with the girls.
And check out our weddings that have been posted to these blogs. Also newsworthy is the fact that we were just listed on green wedding shoes as a preferred vendor. I love the fact that they have done this with out asking for a fee which just becomes advertising. It is an honor.

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