Friday, April 9, 2010


We have had this chalkboard in our Bar at the house for several years but they have recently become really popular with our brides.
This one is from Amanda and AJs wedding.

As is this one telling people to help themseleves to a favor
We added this one to Lacys signature drink. Her husband is from the south and this is a popular drink there.
I love to see brides incorporate personal touches to their day
An easel and chalkboard I have to do the menu on. I love the shape of it. Still looking for the perfect frame for it.
a list of drinks being served at our outside bar at the barn. Don't you love this frame?
I borrowed this from our driveway that usually announces the wedding. The perfect welcome for christmas at the Dana-Powers House
One of my favorite chalkboards. Used to sit on on the sidewalk of a cafe somewhere in France. I like to think it might have been Paris. I bought it from the Fabulous Coco at one of the barn antique sales. I must have caught her at the right time as she had been saying all day it wasn't for sale. So now I share it with all my beautiful couples.

This was done by a caterer . I am sorry I do not remember which one.

If you are interested in making your own they are super easy. You can get chalkboard paint at any hardware store in either spray on or paint on. I usually start with a frame I like and buy an artists canvas to fit. If it is an odd size you can have a thin piece of wood cut to fit. paint and voila! you have a very cute chalkboard for all kinds of uses.
As a note to my brides I have lots of different sizes so just ask me.

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