Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It seems like I have been working on our tv room forever. Its always a slow process since we have to work projects in between weddings

One thing I wanted to get rid of was the 70's looking tile around the fireplace. I did not want to deal with a big tile project so I collected oyster shells and glued them right over the tile. I used tubes of lexan . Using both sides of the shell adds lots of texture and color. I saw this in a magazine was was drawn to it because of the brown spots on the shells. (I think I am in my brown phase) I am hoping it stays stuck with the heat of the fires

I actually started The project a few years ago with antique shutters that I bought at Rons Nursery.(www.rons-nursery.com) We replaced Eddies easy chair with a new brown leather from traditions in SLO. My slipper chairs were re slip covered (3rd time) Did them in a brown and beige wide stripe.(bought them at the thrift store for about $20.00 for 2. I love them because they are small scale and easy to move around. I painted the walls dark brown. It' s the same color as the couch fabric.

The light fixture was purchased from Sydney at the last fall sale at the barn Left it chippy and rustic. I love the look. It had been bugging me that the ceiling fixture was off center by about 2 feet so my darling Eddie redid it all. No small feat since the room is lath and plaster. We also decided to add a switch which meant tearing a 5 foot swath thru the lath for that project. Painted the ceiling pale blue. Picks up the blue in the above mentioned shutters.

A new flat screen tv (which we are loving) and a new 8 foot high bookcase made by the Herbert Brothers (herbertbros@charter.net)of SLO has really made the room completely different. I am still working on accessorizing it.
Fabric for the couch was ordered a year ago. It just came in so the couch is next on my list of projects. By the time I get it all done, it will be time to start over!


  1. I love brown walls!!!! Dennis just painted our dining room a VERY deep chocolate - I hope you post pictures of the couch and chairs when you are done Judith - I just love this cozy room.

  2. Your room looks beautiful Judi! Just wanted to let you know that I left you an award on my blog..I really appreciate you sharing your life with us.