Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jodi and Blake had a beautiful day filled with lots of love from family and friends. Family did the food and they had a delicious mac and cheese from Testa Catering(805.739.0809)

The first dance of Jodi and Blake
A beautiful cake by the Cakery. ( 805.545.7777) Chocolate and red roses
Manzanita trees from the grooms family ranch adorned the wedding site.The wedding was the week of the big fire off 166 and the family didn't know if they lost their ranch or not. Centerpieces were a smaller version.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It seems like I have been working on our tv room forever. Its always a slow process since we have to work projects in between weddings

One thing I wanted to get rid of was the 70's looking tile around the fireplace. I did not want to deal with a big tile project so I collected oyster shells and glued them right over the tile. I used tubes of lexan . Using both sides of the shell adds lots of texture and color. I saw this in a magazine was was drawn to it because of the brown spots on the shells. (I think I am in my brown phase) I am hoping it stays stuck with the heat of the fires

I actually started The project a few years ago with antique shutters that I bought at Rons Nursery.( We replaced Eddies easy chair with a new brown leather from traditions in SLO. My slipper chairs were re slip covered (3rd time) Did them in a brown and beige wide stripe.(bought them at the thrift store for about $20.00 for 2. I love them because they are small scale and easy to move around. I painted the walls dark brown. It' s the same color as the couch fabric.

The light fixture was purchased from Sydney at the last fall sale at the barn Left it chippy and rustic. I love the look. It had been bugging me that the ceiling fixture was off center by about 2 feet so my darling Eddie redid it all. No small feat since the room is lath and plaster. We also decided to add a switch which meant tearing a 5 foot swath thru the lath for that project. Painted the ceiling pale blue. Picks up the blue in the above mentioned shutters.

A new flat screen tv (which we are loving) and a new 8 foot high bookcase made by the Herbert Brothers ( SLO has really made the room completely different. I am still working on accessorizing it.
Fabric for the couch was ordered a year ago. It just came in so the couch is next on my list of projects. By the time I get it all done, it will be time to start over!

wed on a summers day

The photographer(Ashley Blake just sent a link to her blog with more great pics of Christina and Stephens wedding I should give up trying to take pictures!
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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Handmade and adorable

I have been looking forward to Christina and Stephans wedding when she told me she was making all of the flowers in her table arrangements out of cloth. I knew she had to be artistic and I was not disappointed.
The flowers were all done by Julie anne Martens from los Angeles(
818.425.4360. They were beautifully done. Julie specializes in really personal designs

Christinas brother who is a chef provided the meal. He used some of our serving pieces and provided the chafing dishes

The place cards were attached to cording strung between the two fence posts. pots of lambs ears decorated the bases

The cake was by the Cakery... always tasty!( or 805.545.7777
The program and a small pack of birdseed to throw after the ceremony. I loved the line "wed on a summers day. "
a close up of the wedding arch. I loved the moss, the fabric (it had a small brown velvet ribbon stiched on it. the pieces of driftwood wired to it were a great natural touch
The rose petals along the side of the chairs work well because they don't get trampled
The tables were very simple but look closely at the flowers in the urn (handmade out of fabric) and the table card holder is a piece of wood wrapped with raffia covered wire.
This wedding is a good example of having a theme and applying it to everything.
Ashley Blake did the photography (805.234.5775)
AMS DJ provided great music(805.202.2020

Black and White

Amanda and Landon had a beautiful wedding. Black and white was carried throughout. Very elegant. The wall behind the head table was covered in a mesh of white lights, then covered with a curtain of muslin that had been trimmed with the black and white damask print(waverly). A large black mirror was hung in front that had been embellished with stick on monograms. I though it was a great idea as the mirror could be reused. Amandas friend Shelli was responsible for all the damask as she made runners for the tables and the skirting for the candy, coffee, cake and head tables also. The tables had simple vases in groups of three with all white flowers. This works really well as the tables are 60 inches wide and sometimes a single vase can get lost.
The guests really enjoyed the photo booth provided by Mike Larson ( or 234.7678. DJ Sean from AMS Entertainment (202.2020)warned the guests not to do anything in the photo booth that they didn't want everyone to see as the pictures would all be on a disk for the bride and groom!
Flowers were by Lori Boe.(805.709.26340 or I especially like the flowers along the window ledge.
Barbara Koenig did a beautiful ceremony as usual. (805.489.0710)
The sit down meal was provided by Testa Catering of Santa Maria. Always delicious food. (805.310.81350) I love their strawberry salad.

little girls dancing

One of my favorite images is this one of little girls twirling and dancing out on the dance floor. They were having such a good time. It was a very sweet moment.

Pretty in Pink

Christie and Andy got married in the garden on July 18. Hot pink lanterns decorated the dinner garden. They really brighten up the garden and add a bit of extra color.
The caterer was Bruce's prime rib from Lompoc with my staff doing bussing etc.
The DJ was Bob Criswell 705.7992
Flowers and photography were done by family and friends
The Minister was Dennis Mogavaro who got married to his wife Dorothy in our garden a few years ago. Dennis does a really nice ceremony.
One of the highlights of the reception was Christies dad singing a Kenny Chestney song (Ithink) to the bride and groom.

more weddings

Keeping up with blogging during wedding season is proving to be harder than I realized. They are all special in their own way. Here are a few we've had
July 4Th, in keeping with the holiday was a special day for a special reason. It was a real patriotic
celebration. Rick was quite the dashing groom in his Army blues and Jada was his radiant bride.
Family and friends joined in to provide food, dj, and flowers for a day filled with love