Monday, July 6, 2009

We also do special events

This last month we had 2 events other than weddings. I do not always have dates available but due to a cancellation, June 20 was available for a memorial. A local lady who was very popular here in Nipomo wanted a Grand party for her friends . It quickly came togther and was a celebration of her life. She was a member of the red hat society, so many guests came in red and purple. We hung red lanterns and I attached purple ribbon to the bottom. The trio played and A guest sang show tunes They dined on a great barbeque provided by Pleamons catering. The flowers were from the Art of flowers here in Nipomo.
The following week we had a retirement party for a local bank president. The Barn was decked out in great western wear as were the guests. They feasted on great mexican/western style food from Testa Catering. Martin and his crew always do a wonderful job. The margarita machine was a big hit also! They danced to a group of guys who were either retired bankers or had some connection to the banking world. I am sorry to say I do not remember what they call themselves. The centerpieces came here in Nipomo.

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  1. I attended Christina's wedding On Sunday 7-2-09 and had an amazing time. I had the pleasure of designing her personal and ceremony flowers. So rewarding! I have been doing wedding florals for 10 years and have never loved a venue more! I want to get married there! Everything was so well thought out and special, like right out of a magazine! Absolutely lovely!!
    Honey Floral Design