Tuesday, April 7, 2009

easter doings

We have been having Easter here for the last 35 years. I actually grew up with the big family Easter here so we decided to continue the tradition with my family (The Dana Side) when we bought the house . It soon expanded to include our friends also. Many of them bring their extended families so its a multigenerational shindig. We have an easter egg hunt and then a buffet dinner with everyone contributing to the meal. Some years we have 75 and sometimes 125. We are on the 2nd generation of children hunting eggs and its pretty adorable.
Every year I pick a sort of theme and try to tie everything in. This year it is pussywillows taken from an old postcard I had in my collection.

I just finished the centerpieces for the tables which is honeysuckle vine wrapped around a shallow glass bowl. I stuck faux pussywillows around the edge and also a bit of fern. They are topped with sheet moss, 3 blue eggs which I recycled from a previous year. I also had some cement birds I had sponged with green paint. They are guarding the eggs and will be finished off with small fresh flower bouquets.
I found a couple egg wreaths at Michaels which I tore apart and used each egg vine to wrap around the napkins. Had to paint one egg blue to tie it in.

Tablecloths will be pale blue with white napkins.

Ed and I always do a turkey with dressing and a ham, cheesy potatos, homemade baked beans, and rolls. I do a crate of vegies which is a Mr Mcgregors garden sort of thing for the appetiser table. My centerpiece for the dessert table is a lamb cake covered in coconut.

Theres always lots of champagne, wine, and lemonade for the kids.

Its my favorite holiday with the emphasis being on family and a yummy meal.

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