Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My, How time flies. I'm only a little behind in my posts.
I'ts been a busy winter with a couple of weddings, house projects, and getting the garden ready for spring and summer weddings.
To do a little backtracking, we had a very fun wedding in the barn in late January. Unfortunately, I did not get to take pictures as the grooms aunt mistakenly grabbed my camera. I got a couple of photos that she took that I found when it was returned. I am grateful to get it back and enjoyed her pics!
It was one of those weddings where everything just went well. The bride was happy smiling all evening and just adorable. It turns out she was best friends with my niece Alison which we did not find out until after she had booked us. She made all the centerpieces herself and they were really darling. Wood boxes filled solid with pale peach roses, manzanita branches shooting out the top about 18 inches and little tea lights hanging off them. They had a signature drink called "Blakes Ambertini", served in our mason jars, which put everyone in a party mood immediately.

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