Friday, January 9, 2009

The Holidays

The holidays are finally over and I am back to my wedding frame of mind. Its always difficult for me to switch back and forth because I want to give my brides and grooms my full attention. We have a large family and lots of friends (lucky us) so we are always having lots going on

Our holidays started with a very fun holiday/housewarming party at our neighbors . Lots of great food and drink with dancing in their new indoor courtyard room. That was followed by Thanksgiving the following thursday which I did here. 20 for turkey.

The following weekend was a wedding for my cousin Jerred and his beautiful bride Olivia. They involved her 3 young children into a very touching ceremony. We ate, we danced, we celebrated family.

The following week was a Christmas party here for a local green house company. It was catered by Debbie Duggan,The christmas decor was in place with lots of candles and cyclamens. It was a lovely party for 24. We attended a great party earlier in the day with friends in rural Arroyo Grande. They made the best little sliders with deep fried onions that I could not stop eating. It was the first burger I have had in 2 years and it was worth it!

The following weekend we were supposed to attend parties on Friday and Saturday night with friends but I came down with the flu. I was not happy to miss those parties.
Sunday we had a wedding at the barn for Josue and Sarah. They are a darling couple and we wish them the very best. I was too sick to eat their delicious looking tacos.
We celebrated Christmas here with friends and family. Prime rib roast with lots of horseradish,scalloped potatos with goat cheese, salad, green beans with shallots and minced mushrooms, homemade rolls, Great wine and English trifle for dessert. My cousin Gina brought homemade enchiladas which were delicious.

Christmas day was wonderful as my 3 older grandkids showed up for Poppa Eddies breakfast. He's kind of famous for it and thats pretty much all they wanted. Other family came by and we spent the day enjoying each others company. We all went to see a movie which we have never done before. Then home for leftovers and bed!

The following week was devoted to getting ready for New Years Eve. It is a tradition that we started 9 years ago in the year 2000. We did not want the kids out and about so we decided to have a joint party consisting of the 9 ladies and their families. It was a great sucess so we have done it every year since. Everyone gets 10 invitations to send out so we have a great mix of families and friends. We started doing it at the barn in 2007 .This year our theme was glitz and glamour. A great party. One of our friends put togther a balloon drop for midnight and another did an incredible display of fireworks. There was lots of great food, dancing , and of course libation. We followed it up with the clean up party the next day. Eddie cooked a huge wonderful breakfast, while the rest of us cleaned up the barn as we had a wedding on Saturday.

It was my first gay wedding (as it was for many of the guests). Mary and Julia are just a beautiful couple that I am honored to have been a part of their day. There was so much love and support for the two of them. I can only imagine what it must have felt to them to be surrounded(literally) by everyone. They had their ceremony in the center of the dance floor with chairs in a circle around them. They had together a very moving and spiritual ceremony. The whole day could not have been nicer.

So, I am back to appointments, pruning roses, arranging for projects to get done. Never a dull moment here. I am posting my recipe for Brandy Smashes which is a standard here from thankgiving through new years.

Brandy Smashes
1 12 oz can lemonade
1 12 oz can orangejuice
9 cups simple syrup (heat 1 1/2 cups sugar, 9 cups water til sugar disolves)
3 cups Brandy (1 750 liter) add when above ingredients are cooled. Put in freezer overnight. Spoon slush into glass. Add a inch or so of club soda Use sprite etc If you like it sweeter. (Its really a health drink with all that citrus!)

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