Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving and memories of my Mother

A few weeks ago, I started thinking about thanksgiving and what I needed to work on. I started with my dining room table and chairs which were in need of serious cleaning. The table was pretty straightforward with a simple cleaning with Liquid Gold (I love the smell and how it makes wood glow) The chairs were a bit more of a challenge. I ended up cleaning them with fine steel wool to remove white streaks(?) and a coat of liquid gold, new screws to replace missing ones, some gluing of split wood and finally new felt pads on all the legs. A nice sense of
accomplishment. These chairs were some of my Moms favorites and she gave them to me before she died. They are not exactly what I would have picked for myself but she loved them and I have come to appreciate them as they are very lightweight but also very sturdy . My next project was realizing that I did not have enough plates for thanksgiving dinner this year. Thank God for E Bay! I now have 14 which is what my table seats. These are also from my Mom. They were her wedding china (Old Rose from Maddock and Sons) and have been on our thanksgiving table for as long as I can remember. She loved setting a beautiful table with these plates and her Sir Christopher silver. Once again they are not exactly my colors but the history is so much more important. So now I set my table with her things and wish she were here to enjoy it..Below is a picture of my Turkey collection. The big one in the middle is from my Mom. Every year she would get it out and do a beautiful fall arrangement in it (She was a flower arranger extraordinaire) It was always on our thanksgiving table and now its graces mine.
I have added a few to her original bird and this picture does not reflect the two I bought last week in summerland!
This year our family is going in different directions and will not all be here but but we have a common bond and I know we will all be thinking of Mom wherever we are. Happy Thanksgiving!

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