Wednesday, November 26, 2008

As I was preparing to start my thanksgiving cooking , I thought I would share my system for getting it all together. For years I have been a recipe collector. Don't use them much but love to collect! I am more of a do it once and move on though some have stuck through the years. Especially when it comes to the holidays and family tradition.After years of trying to recollect which book had the recipe I wanted, I decided to put them all in one binder labeled Thanksgiving. I put in tried and true but also ones I run across that I think I might make someday. It is so easy now. Last year I sat down and made a master grocery list. I make a copy of it (s0 I do not lose the original) and off I go to do my shopping. This year I added pictures of decorating for the holidays that appeal to me. (My trick for this is to make copies as soon as I read the magazine so I do not have to go back and hunt for them. Also leaves the magazine or book intact). Someday I hope to make one for each of my kids so they will be able to carry on the family recipes.
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  1. Please put me down for a copy-I love that binder! Carol

  2. Time to update your blog! try going through old pictures and tell a story as it relates to the house.